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Sewing Courses for Children

What will my child get up to at The Sewing Club?


During the sessions Angela will encourage your child to be creative whilst they work on fun and imaginative projects, learning the principles of sewing and skills that can translate into craft, fashion and interior designs items.  They will learn how to set up a machine, learn about what the machine can do, including different stitch widths and lengths and about pinning, cutting out and sewing from a basic pattern including valuable shortcuts and simple sewing tips and much more!


At what age can my child start coming to The Sewing Club?

For safety precautions due to their dexterity and height, we teach children from seven years upwards.


Who will teach my child?


Angela worked in the fashion industry and interior design industry for over 20 years before setting up The Sewing Club in 2007.  As well as a Honours degree in Fashion & Textile design she is qualified to teach and has experience of teaching adults and children since 1990.  She has also gained experience over the years of mentoring GCSE, A level and degree students.  Angela is dbs checked and a qualified first aider.


When do the courses run?

Courses run the same as school terms for 5,6 or 7 weeks.  There is no end to a course, you can just keep coming term after term and some of our pupils have been coming for a few years!


Is there a set curriculum on the courses?


Yes, if your child is a beginner, there is a set list of projects that have been specifically chosen to cover all the important basic techniques and subsequently if they are completed, then certificates are awarded from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.


What is provided on the course?


All equipment, modern sewing machines, patterns & fabrics are included in the fee.  If you have your own sewing machine, that you want your child to learn on you can bring it along or we can supply your child with one and give un-biased advice about purchasing one in the future.


Can my child come to a taster session?


We do offer a taster session to children (£9 per hour) which can be scheduled during the term at any time if we've got space and then they can see if they like it, which I'm sure they will, when they see all the lovely things they can create!


What happens if my child wants to come but we've missed a few of the sessions?


If the term has already started, please enquire as to whether we have a space for your child because everyone works at their own pace and we don't encourage the children to go faster to catch up so they can if necessary join mid-term.


How can I book and pay?


Courses are paid in full and in advance of the course starting to secure your place.  You can pay by BACS, cheque or cash.

Please request payment details via email.  


Is there a waiting list?


Yes, the children's classes are popular but we make every effort to offer places where we can.  We like to give priority to current pupils so it's important to pay in advance of a course starting to secure your child's place.  We cannot hold places open or double guess your child's wishes.


Venue, please?

The Sewing Club, Beach Creative, Studio 4, Beach Street, Herne Bay, Kent CT6 5PT.                          



DAY          TIME                                   DATE                  NO.OF WEEKS      FEE     DEADLINE PAYMENT


Class sizes

We will now restrict class sizes to 6 students per session to allow for enough space around each work station.  There will be no making up lessons on another day as these 6 students will form a "class bubble" for the full term and no one else will join that "bubble".

Movement in class

Students will be encouraged to stay seated and stand up at their own table if neccessary


Students can use our sewing machines or bring their own but they must bring the equipment they need, i.e. scissors, thread, unpicker, tape measure/ruler, pins.  


The teacher will wear a mask when she needs to show you a technique on the machine or help you with fitting a garment, as this is unavoildable both parties must wear a mask.

Studio cleaning

The studio will be cleaned between each session and hand sanitiser will be available outside the door before you enter the studio.


Payment will be by bank transfer only in advance of the course starting.  There will be deadlines for payment so look out for the emails.  You will receive a confirmation email stating you have a place.

FRIDAY  4PM - 5PM                              16/07/21 - 06/08/21                4                     £36.00                   07/07/21            

SATURDAY 9.30AM - 11AM                17/07/21 - 07/08/21                 4                     £54.00                    07/07/21            

SATURDAY 11.30AM - 1PM                 17/07/21 - 07/08/21                 4                     £54.00                    07/07/21          

COURSES 2021/2022

FRIDAY  4PM - 5PM                              12/11/21 – 17/12/21                      5                     £47.50                        04/11/21

SATURDAY 9.30AM - 11AM                13/11/21 – 18/12/21                     5                      £71.25                         04/11/21

SATURDAY 11.30AM - 1PM                 13/11/21 – 18/12/21                     5                      £71.25                          04/11/21



FRIDAY  4PM - 5PM                              07/01/22 – 11/02/22                6                      £57.00                        29/12/21

SATURDAY 9.30AM - 11AM                08/01/22 – 12/02/22               6                      £85.50                        29/12/21

SATURDAY 11.30AM - 1PM                 08/01/22 – 12/02/22               6                     £85.50                         29/12/21

FRIDAY  4PM - 5PM                              25/02/22 – 01/04/22               6                      £57.00                      16/02/22

SATURDAY 9.30AM - 11AM                26/02/22 – 02/04/22              6                      £85.50                       16/02/22

SATURDAY 11.30AM - 1PM                 26/02/22 – 02/04/22              6                      £85.50                       16/02/22