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Sewing Quarter TV channel

Angela has recently been taken on as a guest designer on the Sewing Quarter channel after getting to the finals in their national competitiion "Search for a Star".


She will have a regular slot giving sewing demonstrations live on the channel and we hope to showcase them here.


The channel can be found on Freeview 73 or Sky 687 and can also be watched LIVE  on YouTube and then all programmes can be see on Youtube:




Instagram_FB_Square_1080-1080_ANGELA P1120100 Sewing Quarter Youtube channel link Angela's in the finals - bag demo 21/1/19 Angela's facebook live interview 21/1/19 Angela's jersey dress demo 25/3/19 Angela's cheetah pattern handbag demo 25/3/19 Angela's Lisa Lam cross body bag 18/4/19 Angela's jersey Molly dress 18/4/19 thumbnail_IMG_3763 IMG_4120 (3) IMG_4515 IMG_4527 IMG_4513 thumbnail_IMG_3753 Pamper set 5/05/19 pouffe 5/05/19 Eyelet curtains 19/05/19 cushions 19/05/19 Aztec back pack 03/08/19 Nani Iro japanese linen dress 03/08/19 IMG_5484 IMG_5386
19/06/19 cat bed
19/06/19 apron
08/09/19 autumn dress 08/09/19 hand appique cushion 06/10/19 apron 06/10/19 backpack IMG_4277 IMG_3656 IMG_4550 IMG_4730 (2) IMG_4887 thumbnail_IMG_4781 thumbnail_IMG_4679 thumbnail_IMG_4663 thumbnail_IMG_7047 thumbnail_IMG_7055 IMG_6863 thumbnail_As Seen_325 PhotoData_IMG_5816 thumbnail_IMG_5734 thumbnail_IMG_6653 thumbnail_IMG_6856 thumbnail_IMG_6877 thumbnail_IMG_7082 thumbnail_IMG_7306 PhotoData_IMG_7437 PhotoData_IMG_7447 PhotoData_IMG_7511 PhotoData_IMG_7488 PhotoData_IMG_7468 IMG_7485 PhotoData_IMG_7406 PhotoData_IMG_7423 IMG_7454 PhotoData_IMG_7428